Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership releases 2nd article on Engagement (part II of III)

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Patient Safety in a New Age of Understanding (page 222 /pdf page 44 of 63) is the 2nd of three articles on the topic of disengagement. This article builds on the first – which introduced some of the issues affecting engagement of health care workers – and looks at the role healthcare’s approach to safety and quality has played. “Engaged health care teams are necessary for any improvement in quality or safety,” explains Dr. Ruiter, “the most important factor in making a team successful is culture” he added. Parts I and II explain the current situation…in Part III (expected sometime later this year) he will discuss a way forward.


Dr. Ruiter is Vice President, Medical at Salus Global Corporation. For more than 11 years, Salus Global Corporation has been recognized as a leader in helping healthcare organizations achieve better clinical, economic, and operational outcomes. A specialty consulting and implementation firm, we help healthcare organizations improve performance and quality outcomes through increased interprofessional collaboration.


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