Canadian Patient Safety Week - October 28th to November 1st

Monday, 28 October 2019


Many Canadians believe we have the safest healthcare in the world - however, we have a way to go. A July 2017 report reveals that Canada’s healthcare record ranks 9th out of 11 western countries; a score that includes quality and patient safety measures. Every year, our goal is that Canadian Patient Safety Week (CPSW) inspires extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality. Working together, thousands of healthcare professionals, patients, and families can spread the message to #ConquerSilence and create a safer healthcare system. I am excited to share with you this year’s theme of battling systemic silence. This silence exists between patients and providers, between colleagues in healthcare facilities, between administrators in different regions, and between the public and policymakers. We want to teach people in Canada that if something looks wrong, feels wrong, or is wrong – we need to speak up. By conquering silence, we work together for better healthcare for us all.


Did you know that 28,000 of us die from preventable harm when receiving care, every single year? If something looks wrong, feels wrong, or is wrong – we need people to speak up, in the moment.


Salus Global takes great pride in being a partner in patient safety, risk management and quality. Continuously striving to contribute to safer care.


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