Salus Global promotes Patient Safety Week in Canada

Monday, 28 October 2013

Salus Global is very proud to be participating in the 2013 Canadian Patient Safety Week to assist in focusing the spotlight on patient safety issues and solutions.


For more than 10 years we have had the privilege of assisting thousands of Canadian health care providers develop a measurable and sustainable “culture of safety” within their organizations. Our flagship program MOREOB, the leading Obstetrical patient safety/risk reduction program in the world, has been delivered to more than 300 hospitals and 14,000 individuals. The result has been a significant reduction of harm events, a measurable reduction in costs and improved teamwork and communication across disciplines.


Today we are expanding our efforts across healthcare enterprises as the importance of patient safety and risk reduction is being recognized everywhere. Our mission is to lead individuals and organizations in continuing performance improvement, through identifying growth opportunities, setting goals, applying solutions, and evaluating progress and outcomes.

We invite you to browse through our site to learn more about our performance solutions and look forward to working with you to develop your culture of patient safety.

Your Salus Global Team

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