OB Program Expands in Hanover

Sunday, 8 February 2015

hanover hospital

The Hanover Hospital is in the final stage of its MOREOB program. The Hanover and District Hospital is welcoming more and more children into the world. The facility is moving into its third and final phase of its MOREOB program. Registered Nurse Anastasia Begon says a lot of positive changes have taken place during the MOREOB journey.


Since the program's launch -- Begon notes two new doctors have come on board, and birth rates are up. Begon says epidural deliveries have increased, and midwives have been welcomed into the family birthing rooms. Begon adds the new 24/7 anesthesia coverage has allowed more and more mom's to opt for epidural births. New technology such as a new wireless and waterproof Electronical Fetal Monitoring system has also improved patient quality care. The Hospital can also now offer two epidurals at a time, but labouring women who require constant monitoring now have the freedom to leave the bed, wander about or soak in the whirl tub. Other improvements include the upcoming addition of a second surgeon, which will allow the Hospital to begin offering 24/7 operating room OB service for women who require a C-section.


Fellow RN's Brittany Young and Ellissa Bell says women now have more choices, a higher quality of care and express a higher satisfaction rate.


The Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently program is designed to improve patient experience and deliver safer and higher quality care. Part of the program involves breaking down professional barriers and putting all health care providers on the same level, working and communicating as one team. The third and final phase will focus on building upon past successes, taking on more training challenges as well as tackling practical issues. The Hospital expects to welcome 110 new babies into the world by the end of the year. -- 10 per cent of these births will involve midwives.


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