Thursday 19 November 2015
In person Conference and Webcast – Risk in Obstetrics – November 25th

Risk Management in Obstetrical Care is a significant priority for many health care organizations. Recognizing the challenges of increasing expectations, differing policies and realities, and the significant implications for health care organizations, this one day conference takes a practical look at issues associated with risk management in obstetrical care.

Wednesday 28 October 2015
Patient Safety Week is a good time to consider participating in the MOREOB Patient Safety Award

With Patient Safety Week 2015 upon us, what more fitting time to note the upcoming deadline for the MOREOB Patient Safety Award.


Tuesday 6 October 2015
Salus Global announces release of 14th edition Clinical Content

Salus Global recently announced the release of the 14th Edition of Obstetrical Clinical Content prepared exclusively for their flagship OB safety and performance program MOREOB.


Monday 26 October 2015
Canadian patient safety week is on!

Canadian patient safety week is on! From October 26-30st, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute notes ‘Ask. Listen. Talk.’


Thursday 30 April 2015
Safe Reduction of Cesarean Sections in Quebec : For Healthier Mothers and Infants

Professional training and self‐assessment in obstetric clinical practice appear to be effective in reducing the rate of cesarean sections, thereby improving the health of mothers and their infants as well as bettering the services they receive.

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