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Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership (article 3 of 3)
Engagement: it’s all about the how of implementation
Dr. Jim Ruiter reviews the role healthcare’s approach to safety and quality has played on engagement.
Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership (article 2 of 3)
Patient safety in a new age of understanding
A look at what is engagement; why disengagement in healthcare has become the norm and the impact this has on quality and safety.
Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership (article 1 of 3)
Disengagement in health care: today’s new culture
Why disengagement in health care has become the norm; burnout; and the impact of all of this on Quality and Safety.
#SuperSHIFTERS - An Interview with Jim Ruiter
Building insights with educational innovation
How do you build insight with education innovation? Jim Ruiter has the answer: a play in three acts.
Healthcare Performance Matters
Are You Ready to be a Transformational Leader?
What’s holding you back from successfully making quality improvements in your healthcare work environment?
Healthcare Performance Matters
Keys to Success in Labor and Delivery Programs
What characterizes the type of training programs that will help hospitals reduce incidents and malpractice claims?
Healthcare Performance Matters
What’s my ROI?
How do you measure return on investment when it comes to a qualitative performance improvement program?
Healthcare Performance Matters
Practice Impacts Performance
Adults want to immediately apply what they learn in a tangible way. So how do you help adult learners stay interested?
Healthcare Performance Matters
Speaking the Same Language
For any organization, creating transformational change is challenging. For healthcare organizations, it can be particularly complex. That’s where teamwork and communication really count.
Healthcare Performance Matters
Making Change Stick
Transformational change. It doesn’t happen from a speech or from a memo to all staff. It certainly doesn’t happen from simply hanging a plaque with a shiny new set of organizational values on the wall.
Healthcare Performance Matters
Communication Counts
When it comes to communication across our healthcare organizations, it’s often what’s not being said that could save lives.